до 10 Мбит/с
  • Без проводов
  • Без договора
12.00 руб/месяц

To connect you need to:


You can pay by any convenient method make an e-payment, use your bank card, pay by a mobile phone or via the Internet.
If you pay via Payment system (ERIP), the path in the directory tree is as follows:
Payment System (ERIP) > Internet, Television > Cosmos TV
Input your phone number in the Contract Number field. Use the 375NNNNNNNNN format. This phone number will be used to receive a password via SMS.


Receive a password via SMS




Log in and use


Connect to the Wi-Fi network named COSMOS Wi-Fi (for dormitories No. 2, 4, 6, 10) and go to any website to be automatically redirected to the authentication page.
Input your phone number and the password received into the corresponding fields.
Use the Internet without time and traffic limits for 30 days.